Cinna Distribution Gen


Cinna Distribution Gen is a trading company, which started its activities with the aim of using various human medicines, medical equipment, cosmetics, health and distribution and sales throughout the country.The company has entered the competition in the industry and distribution of medicine by using new equipment and technologies and observing the principles of storage and use of medicine at the level of international standards.


As a strong economic for the upstream and downstream industries and the vital communication bridge between producers and consumers, we have facilitated distribution process for our business partners through our 30 distribution centers. We have invested billion rials in our infrastructure and distribution operations to improve our supplier chains quality and efficiency to implement a improvement program in last 5 years.
Internal logistic
We look beyond the logistics and distribution process to the broadcasting industry. And we have achieve it by selling good medicines and distributing them in time throughout the whole country, using experienced personnel familiar with the areas covered. In this direction, we have played our partnership in the distribution of social justice in the field of health by selling and distributing goods in balanced way in the region.
We are committed to create a healthier future. And we deliver strategic drugs to the destination efficiently and safely, through distribution capabilities. We create a healthier future for the community by creating an integrated communication channel between our partners, so top manufacturers and providers of pharmaceutical items, trust Cinna distribution Gen co. to deliver their drugs to end consumers.
Cinna distribution Gen co. has grown in different dimensions such as: portion of sales in pharmaceutical market, customer coverage, transport fleet, infrastructure development and human resource throughout its activity. and by using innovative solutions and state of the art IT technologies, it has accelerated the integration and increase of productivity if tge created resources.
  • 5th year of activity
  • 8th place in pharmaceutical statistics
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Distribution Center
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